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Strategic Alliances, Hourly Rates and Payrises

One of the many features I admired at Richard Fretwell’s “Guidepost” dental practice, north of Newcastle, is the array of business cards in the patient lounge. Richard is a member of the local Business Network International chapter – and this is how he is fulfilling his commitment to advertise the services of his fellow BNI entreprenuers. “Givers gain” is the BNI motto – and I bet he gets lots of patient referrals. —— On the subject of hourly rates – why do dentists insist on communicating compensation for team members using hourly rates? If you tell me my hourly rate is £7.00, £10.00, £30.00 – it makes me feel as if I am temporary labour – likely to be replaced or expected to move on. If you tell me my salary is £10,000, £15,000 or £20,000 per annum – it makes me feel as if I have a career. —— Finally – we hear on the media today that hospital consultants have been granted a 22.8% payrise in the last 12 months by their Primary Care Trusts. Any dental principals enjoyed the same? How’s about team members? And did you put your prices up 22.8% in the last year?

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