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Strange experiences

Well I’m back in the UK and recovering from jet lag – but reflecting on a wonderful experience with the clients – very much the proud parent of 16 coaches who are building thriving practices. On the last morning I went for my customary Starbucks and, whilst sat watching that homeless guy (still there asleep after 5 days), I noticed a large black canvas bag sat in the middle of the sidewalk just a few feet away. I asked the guy on the nearest table if it belonged to him – negative. So I watched the office workers walk around it for a few minutes and, feeling very spooked, walked away. Passing a security guard at the entrance to the building, I asked him if he knew what is was – he didn’t and wasn’t interested. I reflected on the fact that, in the UK, by now the street would have been cordoned off, traffic backed up for miles and the bomb squad arriving. How lucky Toronto is that it’s people don’t feel they have that to worry about – and I find that quite worrying.

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