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Standing out from the crowd

The Footprint What is your specialist area of knowledge and expertise? It is no longer sufficiently differentiating to call yourself “a dentist” or “a consultant”. The people who matter recognise and need your unique ability. Dentists – Implants, Ortho, Endo, Perio, Aesthetics. Consultants in Sales, TCO, Front Desk, Strategic Planning, Profit Growth. The Voice Which individual is the voice of your organisation? Bland corporate messages are of no consequence. The people who matter want an individual with an opinion. “I believe in minimal invasive dentistry” “I believe in the future of the independent sector” The Reputation What do people (that matter) say about you when you are not there? Its the “that matter” bit that matters. 20% of the crowd will love you – and they will openly tell you and the world. “She is a great dentist and a lovely person who genuinely cares” “He is a great coach who goes way beyond the line to help his clients succeed” 20% of the audience will dislike you and they will never tell you to your face – only ever whispers in corridors. “What does a fancy award in London for his glitzy new practice mean anyway?” “Focus on his failures, not his successes.” 60% will not care. Play to the people who love you – the rest don’t matter.

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