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"Stand Out or Blend In: The Key to Successful Recruitment Advertising"

We all agree that recruitment is a challenge and I get questions every week:

  • where best to look for new people?

  • what to say in any recruitment advertising?

  • is recruitment an advertising or networking activity?

  • how do I attract any/decent recruits?

Given the state of the landscape, one thing is for sure, to get attention, you need to get noticed and to get noticed you have to stand out from the crowd/noise.

So I was delighted when Annie sent though the social media post below, as an example of something that captured her attention and made her smile.

We don't have any teenage kids to send - but it's a great example of thinking outside of the box.

I recall a client in Scotland (you know who you are) who were struggling with clinical recruitment, until they posted pictures of all their team members with their pet dogs and suggested that their practice was a great place to work for dog-lovers.

It worked.

We do live in a mad, mad world and we have to be different to recruit patients, team members and clinicians.

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