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Spoke too bloody soon didn’t I!

I’ve been sat in T4 (Heathrow) for 4.5 hours now.Flight was due to leave an hour ago – no news, no announcement, no aircraft, no ground staff – just 300 tired people waiting around in a gate area with seats for 100.

Nothing seems to be changing then – although the flight down from Edinburgh was pleasant enough and on time. The gay flight crew were very entertaining – a complete spectrum from hermaphrodite to muscle-bound – but all 100% friendly and helpful. Happy gay guys are so good at customer service.

International seems to be struggling at the moment.

Actually, as I type this, we hear that there may be a boarding about to take place – in 10 minutes or so…..

We shall see.

I’m bored now – are we there yet?

No – not even on the darn flight.

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