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Spellbinding spreadsheets

The title of this post sounds like an oxymoron.

"Selling tickets" for a workshop on how to understand your practice finances has consistently been a challenge for my past 25 years as a dental business coach.

Lots of folks want to learn the latest on marketing, the patient journey, digital workflow, leadership and so on.

Most folks, when it comes to finance, want to bury their head in the sand.

Which is why the feedback from my recent day at The L S Browne Centre in Enniskillen, came as no surprise to me and yet reinforced how sad it is that you have to drag people into these financial analysis sessions.

My clients in The Extreme Business 100 have no choice - the manager's day on Tactical Financial Mastery and the owner's day on Strategic Financial Mastery are a compulsory module in the programme. The feedback is every bit as good as that from my delegates in Northern Ireland a couple of weeks ago.

I'm currently delivering a series of Practice Plan regional workshops on the same topic.

I'm not even using this post to promote a gig.

Just to remind you that putting financial analysis either on or back on your agenda is critical to your business development this year.

Practice Plan clients - see you in Southampton later today. My Bristol delegates, see you Thursday and Friday.

Everyone else - just take 60 seconds to read the feedback from your peers.

Feedback Chris Barrow Course April 2022

  • ‘Whole approach really systematic, effective & workable’

  • ‘Fab to see a speaker of this calibre in NI’

  • ‘An eye opener on the financial side of the business, and what a corporate sees when they are trying to buy your business’

  • ‘Great course. Every dentist needs to know and see this’

  • ‘I have been very happy with the content. I am feeling very smug that I booked this when I did. Timing is perfect.’

  • ‘This is an essential course. The days of ‘winging it’ are gone’

  • ‘Excellent course. Amazing content. Brilliant presenter’

  • ‘The spreadsheet analysis was spellbinding!’

  • ‘Everything was useful’

  • ‘Excellent advice and mentoring on the business of dentistry’

  • ‘Great course, really enjoyed it, and I now know what I need to do next’

  • ‘Getting clarity on the figures – wow!’

  • ‘Very powerful’

  • ‘An excellent day – fab presentation! Thank you!’

  • ‘Anyone who is setting up a practice should know this!’

  • ‘Very insightful and game changing’

  • ‘I need to plan my exit now!’

  • ‘Very engaging’

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