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I want to order some photo paper for the Sony digital photo printer that prints from my Sony digital camera (I’m a Sony addict – laptop, projector, camera, phone – I’d drive a Sony car if they made them). I visit the web site and find the paper but I cannot buy it because the site only sells direct into the USA but… I am directed to the web site and the same paper but…… The web site links are broken and I cannot get to the purchasing area after repeated attempts so….. I call their direct sales telephone number and reach….. A call-waiting system. Oh no. “All of our customer service operatives are busy at the moment. Your call is important to us. Please wait”- (cut to music). After a fairly short time I am through to Carol. I explain to Carol that I’d like to buy some photo paper. She suggests that I visit their web site to buy it on-line. I explain that the web site isn’t working. She tells me they have had problems with the web site all day. She explains that I would be better waiting for the web site to be repaired because the minimum on-line delivery charge is 4 pounds but her minimum charge is 8 pounds. I explain that I travel a lot and want to get the paper ordered NOW. She accepts and asks me if I have an account. An account? Yep – I cannot buy over the phone unless I have set up and account – would I like to set an account up? Yep – so off we go on the “set an account up” routine – name, address, credit card, blood group, high school results, sports hobbies and pastimes, would I like to receive details of promotions……….. After 10 minutes of that game we are ready…… To discover that she doesn’t have that photo paper in stock. And would I like to try a local Sony Store or wait until the web site is fixed. I thank Carol for the life we have shared together – and sign off the call. No photo paper – just time gone forever.

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