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Shooting the breeze

Today and tomorrow I'm "shooting the breeze" with James Hamill and Chris Barrowman, here in Hartford, Cheshire.

After some long journeys and delayed flights, they had both arrived at our new home by 21:00 last night and we enjoyed a very late dinner and chats.

Today I'm going to take them for a very long walk by the River Weaver, tomorrow we shall see, but more fresh air and exercise, possibly the River Dee.

Last year we spent two days walking around Camden Town and Kings Cross, via The Regent's Canal.

There will be walking.

There will be talking.

The objective is for each of us to share our business plans for 2024 and have the other two offer thoughtful criticism and constructive feedback.

I love "shooting the breeze" and do this through the year with best mates - I have a date booked with Colin Campbell in the next few weeks (we will probably walk along the River Trent) and I'm working on dates with Tim Thackrah to walk The South Bank.

We spend too much of our lives in silos and it's good to break free and share.

There's something about a river/canal/coastal walk.

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