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Saturday evening

It is rather humbling and also comforting to see from analysis that almost 2,300 people have read my original blog post from Friday morning. Add to that over 600 Facebook “shares” and I’m confident that any kidnapping would be dealt with very quickly! Please don’t think I’m taking the situation lightly – far from it – last night we had security staying with us at our home again and we will continue to ensure that if the ex-dentists hired thugs return, they will not find us alone. The chances are, of course, that he will call off the mules and resort to litigation which (considering the lawyer is one of his mates and his family are reputedly loaded) will delight the legal profession as they can see lots of juicy fees ahead. I have recorded the call from his hired hand and a copy of that will be available as evidence, as well as statements from a friend who listened to my live call on Tuesday, my 7connections partner who was himself the subject of telephone intimidation and now the owner of hale cafe who graciously “forgave me” this morning for bringing this disruption into her life and related the story of their menacing visit to her. “Demanding money with menace” – a mate of mine said this morning – “That’s game over then – they are nailed.” You would think so wouldn’t you? Well I do return to a point I made in my original post – since when was litigation (no matter how spurious) a SECOND BEST after intimidation? Is that how the legal system works – scare the shit out of someone’s family and friends – and if that doesn’t work, engage the courts? On Tuesday we were attended by a fabulous police officer, who took it on himself to call the ex-dentist’s lawyer and ask him what the hell was going on? (by the way – said lawyer wrote to mine yesterday to say the call was of no consequence because the policeman told him there would be no further action. Cool eh? A policeman calling you to tell you he doesn’t need to speak to you?) Since then, getting the bobbies round has been like trying to get customer service department at Ryanair. Phone calls not returned, appointments not kept. The fact is that unless someone breaks down my door or bashes me over the head, the boys in blue just don’t want to know. Cue speech on lack of resources – my Dad was a copper for 27 years so I know the story. We are paying for our own security, so any attempt to harm me or my tribe will be met with an appropriate and quite legal response (welcome to the Salford boys). My two sons living up here in Manchester are very much in evidence and your support on social media will, I hope, act as a deterrent – so thank you all and keep it coming – the more shares I get for this story the less likely we are to be harmed. Some of you have guessed who the ex-dentist is (hardly surprising when you know just how many of “us” have let ‘him” down over the years). He is threatening to expose me as a fraudster, a cheat and a bully. Bring it on. One of my favourite quotations of all time ends this update – thank you all – we are safe, well, in good spirit – and a particular shout out for my son Josh Barrow who valiantly ran 17 miles with me this afternoon as bodyguard – the run was more about giving the ex-dentist the finger than it was about keeping fit.

Fight Club“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” We spend all of our lives trying to move up on an imaginary ladder. Even when we do succeed, we live in constant fear of falling off and hitting bottom, so it’s still very agonizing – and not very fulfilling. By actually hitting bottom, it gives one unbelievable strength when the realization emerges that you have the ability to endure rock bottom. You understand that you have nothing to lose. This makes one virtually unstoppable from that point forth. You are free to do anything, to go anywhere, to try anything. No matter what you try, it doesn’t matter if you fail. You’ve already lived through rock bottom and are still breathing. This is the only way to fully enjoy the journey for what it is.

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