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Sometimes running your own business requires a sacrifice of time.

For me the sacrifice this Bank Holiday weekend was to work for 4 hours each day in The Bunker – Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning just catching up on meetings that have taken place over the last 2 weeks and generally preparing myself for the next three months.

Peace and solitude in The Bunker and a clear desk were more appealing to me than getting the bike out on Saturday morning. Or, to put it another way, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the bike ride, knowing I had a backlog of work.

Each day, I took a mid-morning break to walk the dogs with Annie and on Monday, as usual, we dropped in to Costa Coffee in Hale to pick up a couple of flat whites for the journey.

There I bumped in to old friends, a man and wife team who I’ve known for over 20 years and have built a hugely successful business. When I asked what plans they had for Monday – they were picking up a quick breakfast before heading in to their own office to spend a day on catch-up “whilst there is nobody around”.

In a sense, it made me feel better to know that even at their level of achievement (considerable) there is still the need for sacrifice and the desire to work.

I’m off to Berwick upon Tweed this morning for a day with Indra and the team and so I scurried off to bed in the spare room at 21:00 last night in preparation for an 03:30 alarm call and 05:00 train this morning.

I don’t need a medal or sympathy – it’s what we do.

How many of you sacrificed time this weekend?

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