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S4 E17 - The Two Reds are Better Than One Podcast

How to purchase a run of the mill Dental Practice, quadruple its size and sell it for 10 times what you purchased it for in only 4 years

After a career in the military, where Mike Hesketh saw action first hand in Afghanistan, he came back to civilian life and he and his wife Lara purchased a run-down four surgery dental Practice in Exeter.

They grew the turnover from £480,000 to £2.5M in four years.

They initiated a 'game changer' opening 7 days a week within the first three months, the only practice in the South West to do this.

They continued to push the boundaries, quadrupled the size of the practice, employed 21 team members, 10 dentists and 5 hygienists.

Their associate led business was sold for £3.2m (cash up front - no earn out) allowing Mike, his wife and two daughters to take a year off and travel the world and allowing him time to study for an MBA.

You will discover;

  • The lessons Mike learnt from the Royal Marines about leadership and how he took these skills into everyday dentistry

  • How not to worry about the small stuff and not let everyday challenges get on top of you

  • The importance of delegating and letting go

  • How to sell a vision to your team and get them to come on board with you

  • How to release yourself from dentistry and eventually hand over to the running of the business to a General Manager.

  • The vital importance of daily group huddles


Listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast player now or below.

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