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S4 E16: Becoming the positive voice: challenging the media and getting your patient messaging right

A very informal conversation between Chris and Ashley this time.

Chris in The Barrow Bunker and Ashley in The Indigo Hotel, Paddington, part way through a 2-week lecture tour.

We begin by discussing how a few minutes listening to the news every day can be enough to demoralise even the most optimistic amongst us - and how this must affect team members and patients.

Chris then goes on to explain how he has been using research to challenge the bad news being peddled by the media, demonstrating that the information we are being fed on the economy is misleading.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How important it is to challenge media sound bites;

  • Why all business owners have to pay a “success tax”;

  • The important messages you must share with your team and your patients;

  • How a daily gratitude session can set your mood for the day;

  • What we learn about leadership from The Sopranos.

The mood is light but the message is important - enjoy below or on your favourite podcast player.

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