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S04 E13: Suck it up and make the best of it

An interview with Bill Schaeffer

In today's podcast The Two Reds interviewed Dr. Bill Schaeffer, owner of "The Implant Centre" in Haywards Heath and Hove. Bill graduated in 1989 and opened a small squat and today his two practices are leaders in the UK implant world. Bill is a rare individual who always sees the positive side in any situation and there has been no exception with the Covid-19 lockdown. We can promise you will be inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world after listening to this podcast. It was so inspiring, it left the Two Reds speechless. In this episode you will discover;  

  • What it takes to grow a Referral Practice from scratch and what it takes to maintain the numbers;

  • What you need to do to maintain incredible relationships with your referring dentists;

  • How to build a positive mind set and maintain it, even when things are going against you; 

  • How to empower your team and help them to become World Class performers;

  • How The Implant Centre were one of the first Practices in the UK to open their doors during lockdown and what hurdles they had to overcome to make it happen;

  • The importance of knowing your numbers.


Listen below or on your favourite podcast player.

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