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Ross Brooke Dental - a new name with years of experience

I’m frequently contacted by people who have products and services of relevance to my clients. For over 25+ years I have maintained a policy that I do not accept introducers fees or commissions – I simply broadcast and comment on good ideas.

Here’s why specialist business advisors Ross Brooke Dental are the right team to have on side, especially for dentists and orthodontists needing a new direction underpinned by a robust approach to finances, tax and personal financial planning:

Ross Brooke Dental may be a new name in the world of dentistry, but this is a team with more than sixty years of experience of helping dentists and orthodontists both with accounts, business development and personal financial planning.

Clients of Linda Giles and Nathan Poole do the talking:

Alastair Smith, Pallant Orthodontics, Sussex:

“Linda was instrumental in helping me make the business case for the acquisition of both my practices. She pulled together the projections and the figures so I could go to the bank with a viable plan and answer all their demands.“

Sue Bennett, Wimbledon Orthodontics

“Linda’s experience, attention to detail and simply awesome organisational skills have guided us from a single chair specialist orthodontic start up practice, through the trials of tendering, to the successful mixed private/NHS partnership with sister orthodontic sites it is today. The best contacts in the business for other specialist advice too, whether you're an associate, new or mature practice owner."

Daz Singh of Ollie and Darsh, Liverpool

“I have no hesitation in recommending Nathan. Nathan and the team were instrumental in helping us achieve our target of opening the clinic in a timely fashion and helped us to create a realistic budget that we could adhere to. Help with the business plan was instrumental to securing our loan from the bank. I thoroughly recommend Nathan.”

Sarveen Mann, the Fulham Dentist

“In my opinion, Linda’s experience with many different practices sets her apart and her advice is always specific to her clients. She takes into account the personality of her client as well as business factors when making suggestions or giving advice.”

How did Linda and Nathan Poole acquire their undoubted expertise? They cut their teeth – no pun intended – at the first accounting firm to provide a full service approach to dentists across the UK. More than 20 years ago, Linda left to set up her own Profit and Planning business dedicated to dentists while Nathan built up experience in a top UK accountancy business while retaining some of his dental clients.

Two years ago, Linda brought her business under the umbrella of Ross Brooke, an accountancy firm in the Thames Valley area and soon afterwards Nathan joined her. Ross Brooke Dental was born and they are going places. They are offering a free, no obligation chat to any of my followers.

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