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Resilience - an introduction to the Rosie May Charity Day

In this one-off and extraordinary podcast, we meet Mary Storrie, mother of Rosie May, who, in 2003, was brutally murdered at age 10.

That was just the start of an astonishing story of the resilience of Mary and how that and subsequent shocking events gave rise to The Rosie May Foundation.

Ashley and I are joined in this interview by our client and friend, orthodontist Catherine McCanny, who met Mary at an event some years ago and decided that she wanted to enlist the help of dental friends in creating a charity day to inspire her audience and raise funds.

That first conversation took place three years ago and then along came Covid - but now we are ready to launch and, on Friday 8th April 2022, at the Malmaison Hotel in Leeds, Ashley and I will joining Catherine and other guests to provide a day of learning and motivation for all dental team members.

In this podcast we reconnect with Catherine, another example of resilience, as she briefly shares her own story of opening an ortho practice, during a recession and in a working class Northern mining town - and how she has now become one of the top 5% of Invisalign providers in Europe and a speaker for Align Tech.

You will meet Mary and hear her staggering story of overcoming multiple adversities.

You will hear from Ashley and me, introducing the charity day and the other speakers we have invited, including an astonishing story from a Greek dentist who “sold up” after economic armageddon in her home country, relocated to the UK and rebuilt her professional and personal life.

Even if you cannot make the charity day, listening to this podcast will, like us, make you realise that your own challenges can be put into perspective.

For more information on the day itself - see - we would love to see you there.

Listen to the podcast below or via your favourite podcast player:

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