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Remember the bushfires?

And the devastation they caused?

Yes, I know, COVID-19 has been on all of our minds since March, but spare a thought for those poor souls who had their homes and their livelihoods decimated by the catastrophic bushfires in Australia last summer.

In March 2020, sixteen of the world’s finest Dental Speakers came together for a VIRTUAL CPD EVENT to raise money for those affected by the fires.

Speakers at the Event:

Jayne Bandy Chris Barrow Dr. Kristina Cain Dr.Howard Farran Andrea Greer Rdh Dr. Jesse Green Charles Kovess Dr. Derek Mahony Dr. Harry Marget Peter Merrett Dr. David Moffet Dr. Jason Pang Julie Parker-Kovess Angus Pryor Dr. Toni Surace Dr. Clarence Tam

Those recordings are now available for purchase with all funds raised going to the BEGA VALLEY DISASTER RELIEF FUND.

You can purchase your recordings here: for just $297 US dollars (that's £237.60 at today's exchange rate).

There are over fourteen hours of the finest Dental CPD for you to grow your practice in 2020 and beyond.

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