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Raphael – the closer

Raphael is a street entertainer in Montreal. Monday is Victoria Day – a national holiday – and in the sunshine he performs in the Place Jacques-Cartier, taking his 30-minute pitch in between other performers. But Raphael makes more money than anyone else as I watch from the restaurant alongside. Why? His act is good – very good – but that’s not the point. The point is that during his act he specifies exactly what action he is expecting at the conclusion. That the crowd will pay. And the best line of all is:

If you only want to give me pennies and loose change – then you need it more than I do – so keep it.

With a firm hand signal – he tells the crowd that, if they have enjoyed his act – he wants each of them to give $5.00. That’s $5.00 everybody – nothing less will do – because he is worth it. And guess what – he is swamped with people giving him $5.00. The moral?

  1. Proud of himself

  2. Good at what he does

  3. Knows he makes a difference

  4. Knows what he expects

  5. Not afraid to ask

  6. “Over it” if you don’t pay

  7. Doesn’t suffer time-wasters

  8. Doesn’t give discounts

A class act.

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