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Random Acts of Kindness in Benidorm

Two taxi driver stories from the Practice Plan Club Weekend in Benidorm.

The first unnamed hero picked up my son Jon Barrow, who had become separated from his group on Friday night, stranded without iPhone, debit card or cash. A cabbie picked him up and brought him back to the hotel, then disappeared before we could pay him.

The second unnamed hero drove us back from to the hotel on Sunday night, only for me to discover that I had left my debit card in the last place we eat (I’m ashamed to say a very late night Macdonald’s). He took me straight back into town and you can imagine my relief when said debit card was waiting for me behind the counter (along with Jon’s iPhone!).

Needless to say, our clumsiness on both occasions may have been influenced by a certain amount of revelry – I’ll not be claiming any CPD from the trip.

It would be easy for me to bemoan some of the sights we saw of humanity in party mode down at Levante Beach – there really is only one Benidorm.

This morning I prefer to focus on a few people whose RAKs (random acts of kindness) made what could have been a problematic weekend into a pleasure.

Whoever they are, I send them karma and I send you a note to commit a RAK yourself sometime soon.

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