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R.I.P. UDA - meanwhile, back in the real world

History will record that the Unit of Dental Business was a victim of Covid..

Now, in England, it's telephone triage and bums on seats - non-AGP, low risk, as many through the sheep dip as possible.

Oh - and if you want to carry on getting your funding - don't you go talking to patients about private treatment options.

So be it - the goal-posts change and the players adapt their game - thus it always was and will be.

This week my clients are sharing their three main concerns - guess what?

  1. Time - not enough hours in the day to be lead clinician, owner, manager and counsellor for team members - then get home and try to have a family and personal life;

  2. People - on the bus, not quite sure whether they are on the bus, clearly off the bus (even some who don't even acknowledge that there is a bus). Supporting the heroes, listening to those with genuine mitigating circumstances and resisting the desire to machine-gun the BMW's (bitchers, moaners and whiners);

  3. Money - designing a workflow and pricing strategy that makes ends meet.

The smart ones are also thinking about marketing - because marketing was not a victim of Covid - it's important that you realise that.

In the private sector, patient demand is high;

  1. patients looking for a new dentist because their old one didn't look after them during lockdown;

  2. patients looking to complete or commence elective treatment at all levels of complexity.

Business is booming. Confidence is high.

I suggest you join in.

(p.s. get the picture reference?)

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