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Quality Cars and Quality Smiles

Sunday morning I enjoyed the beautiful Cornish sunshine and read with interest the latest issue of Evo magazine. As a committed petrol-head, I’m rather bored with the lad-ish approach of Top Gear and prefer the intelligent journalism that Evo encourages. Of special mention was the review of the Geneva Motor Show and the comments from some of the top marque car firms that sales in the highest price brackets remain firm through the recession. It was suggested that many of the super-rich cashed their investment portfolios before the recession began – and now have a few squillion of spare cash and are curious to see what that buys. The new £1.1m Aston Martin 177 seems set to sell out it’s 77 production models, although I especially enjoyed the story of a customer who has ordered “two for £2m” – there’s a killer deal for the recession (customer plans to drive one and have the second, without a body shell, as a piece of sculpture in the lounge). My clients and contacts tell me that those who are directly involved in selling high-value treatment plans are as busy as ever. The bottom has dropped out of the middle of the market. Aim very high – or aim very low – such as the new Fiat 500 convertible – £11,000 of sheer pleasure – I’ll bet they have no trouble selling them. Fiat 500 = tooth whitening Aston Martin 177 = dental implants

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Hanna Ovr
Hanna Ovr
Oct 05, 2022

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