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Probably the best value training in dentistry today

This morning we emailed all of our Academy members to welcome them to their September content:

  • A video interview with Cara Dearing, Practice Manager at Christchurch Dental, Ipswich, detailing the comeback strategy that has enabled their achievement of pre-Covid turnover levels by August.

  • A video tutorial by me, outlining key low-cost marketing strategies that must be applied to maintain new patient flow as we move into recession.

  • Later this month, we will be releasing our new-look monthly Business Confidence Forum with our usual panel of experts, key opinion leaders and practitioners.

If that, in itself, were not amazing value for money at just £9.99 pcm or £107 per year, take a look at the attached back catalogue, detailing the hours of vCPD we have recorded since April 2019, all of which is available as soon as a new member registers.

Download • 146KB

There's more included at no extra charge for Academy members:

The Complete Marketing Course

A complete guide to internal relationship marketing in dental practice.

​Modules on Facebook and Instagram marketing, newsletters, branding, advertising and more.

The Complete Money Course

A series of simple steps to take complete beginners on the journey from a blank sheet to a complete understanding of just how money flows through a dental business.

Moments of Truth: The Patient Journey

How to make sure that your patients become brand ambassadors, advocates and your unpaid salesforce.

​This online course will take you and your team on a journey through your practice from the patient’s eyes.

Coming soon:

Later this month we will be releasing to members a brand new extensive course

The Dental Plan Launchpad Course

This will be a complete A-Z guide for your team on how to successfully introduce a dental plan to existing and new patients. Created in collaboration with Practice Plan, I'm excited to bring this new and unique course to our Academy members.

Let me repeat my claim - this has to be the best value for money in dental team training.

Every course is online and can be taken at the viewer's own speed and in their own time.

Every course carries automated vCPD.

£9.99 pcm or £107 per year for access to a knowledge bank that will help you and your team for years to come/

Register HERE

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