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Price wars

Here’s an email just this morning from a very good TCO in the Home Counties: Morning Chris, I have a dentist in the next town advertising Invisalign for £2220.00 we charge £4500 how do we compete with this. I have had a few enquiries as a TCO and when tell them our price I get told its cheaper elsewhere.. explain about customer service etc but a big difference of £2800 is hard to explain.. can you help? thank you and my response: “Morning As I predicted! The invisalign price war begins to take hold. It’s almost impossible to deal with a price differential that high. I suggest that you and the rest of the team take a good long look at 6-month smiles as a matter of urgency. The other option is to drop your price, but where does that end? Last man standing. Time to move on – the bandwagon’s wheels are falling off.” any other ideas out there?

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