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Personal news

Just a quickie to inform you that my Mum passed away peacefully in her sleep last night at the age of 77. Her ambition was to avoid managed care and live out her final days in her own home — apart from the last 3 weeks in hospital, she managed that and will fulfil her goal of “being carried out of my own front door in a wooden overcoat”. I also know that my Mum would have wanted the show to go on — so it is my intention to deliver 4 workshops next week and meet all of my face to face commitments — but I know my clients and colleagues will understand if emails and phone calls are a little delayed. I’m not sentimental about these things and prefer to look back on the many laughs she gave me, her unconditional love – and the often stated amazement that she could have produced just one child — but what a child! J

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