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Patient questionnaires: what to ask and how to set them up?

After my most recent teleconference I received this email from Mubbasher Khanzada from Welltime, following up from what was discussed in the call about how to best capture the patient experience through feedback mechanisms. This is what he said: I am interested in finding out what practices do to capture patients’ feedback, more specifically: 1. What information are practices looking to capture? How would that information help / assist the practice in improving? 2. How long should the questionnaire be? (Essentially, should one go for brevity / high response but possibly superficial information vs. in-depth insight gathering with smaller response rate) 3. What questions should be asked? 4. What should be the frequency? (can a paper-based questionnaire be run continuously throughout the year, what are the advantages and disadvantages of paper questionnaires vs. electronic email questionnaires) 5. What is the best way to get testimonials? (In particular, ones that are engaging, create trust and credibility for the patients and help with the Search Engine Optimization, yet are easy to get from the patients) I have uploaded a draft electronic questionnaire here to save time for your followers, and would appreciate their comments and critique on it. Any help and suggestions from your followers will be greatly appreciated. Mubbasher Khanzada CEO, Welltime Ltd., Direct: +44 (0)1625 573 854 Mobile: +44 (0)7950 383 749 E-mail:

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