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Overcoming Overwhelm - how to get out of the hamster wheel and start enjoying your work again

Join us live on Monday 3rd April for this exclusive webinar – purchase one ticket and your whole team are welcome to attend the webinar.

“To be overwhelmed means to be overpowered or overcome by a great amount of something, such as emotions, tasks, or information.”

Yes – we are back in “overwhelm” mode as the year unfolds – all members of the dental team are reporting that:

  • There aren’t enough hours in the day;

  • The task list is never completed;

  • They are constantly interrupted when trying to focus;

  • The “DND” signs are ignored;

  • They are exhausted most of the time.

In this environment only the well-prepared can survive – so Chris Barrow and Mark Topley would like to invite you to a 90-minute “special”, in which we will share with you some top tips and tactics to overcome your own overwhelm.

Hear what Mark Topley has to say:

“If you're feeling overwhelmed with the demands of work and life, then you're not alone. The good news is that there are strategies you can use to avoid and deal with overwhelm effectively. In this expert webinar, we'll share with you proven techniques for managing stress, improving focus, and boosting productivity. You'll learn practical tips for prioritising tasks, setting boundaries, and developing healthy habits. We'll help you to regain control of your life and establish a new way forward.”

And from Chris Barrow:

“I hear lots of owners and managers telling me that they “don’t have enough hours in the day” and that they are “too busy to get the important work done”.

Does that sound like you or anyone you know?

If so, you will love this webinar.

We look at how to become an effective time and task manager - a 7-step approach that can really revolutionise your life, using real examples from my own working life to illustrate.

I’m also sharing with you some tips, tricks and resources that can help you to become more effective straight away.”

Chris and Mark intend to share their best ideas with you and then invite tough questions and give straight answers live on the night.

What you will get from this webinar:

  • Understanding – where your sense of overwhelm comes from, strategies to overcome, and techniques to avoid.

  • Tactics – that will allow you to change your working style and your environment in a way that helps you get more done, in less time and MUCH less stress.

  • Downloads – some handy exercises to speed your journey back to balance.

  • Answers – throw your biggest challenges at Chris & Mark and they will give you practical answers that you can implement the next day.

  • Confidence – a renewed sense of self-confidence, an end to imposter syndrome and an end to overwhelm.

Register for £120 inc. VAT per practice (unlimited team members can join the webinar) and you will also receive an exclusive recording of the event for further revision and/or team training.

Learning Content

Dig below the feeling of overwhelm to identify the root causes and how to manage them.

Setting boundaries and establishing non-negotiables to help you avoid overwhelm.

Looking at how to become an effective time and task manager - a 7-step approach that can really revolutionise your life, using real examples to illustrate.

Aims & Objectives

- understand the causes of overwhelm, how to manage it, and how to prevent it;

- understanding the relationship between time and priority management; - figuring out what to do and what to delegate - your unique abilities; - how to use prioritised lists to establish your focus; - creating the boundaries that allow you to do your best work; - how to delegate (and how not to delegate);

Development Outcomes

B. Effective management of self, and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients always; providing constructive leadership where appropriate.

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