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Outlive - Dr. Peter Attia

My book of the year so far in 2023 (and there have been many very good books this year) - but Peter Attia nails it with this fascinating explanation of the things we do that harm and heal.

My personal quest to increase the chances that I live beyond age 100 has never been so well informed.

I expected another catalogue of faddy diets and exercise routines that require hours of prep in the kitchen or gym - but not so - what I like most about "Outlive" is that it precisely does NOT join any Church of Paleo/Keto/Vegan - aerobic/anaerobic. You know what I mean - routines written for people who appear to have so much time on their hands when the rest of us don't.

No - Attia keeps it very simple, and it is music to my ears when he talks about 4 pillars of well-being as:

1. Adequate and quality sleep;

2. Correct nutrition;

3. Enough exercise;

4. Mental health.

So many of the suggestions in "Outlive" are simply what I've already been doing for years - and just need a little refinement and focus to get things working in my favour.

As I approach my 70th birthday (and, for the first time, begin to feel it), I will look back and think that "Outlive" was the teacher that arrived when this pupil was ready.

I may not make it to 100 - but I'll die trying - and "Outlive" has, in my humble opinion, subtly but significantly changed my approach and increased my chances.

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