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Open minds

I’ve just finished a great day working with 50 members of three dental practices who trade under the name of the South Tyneside Dental Group (shortly to be rebranded). We met at the South Shields Golf Club and enjoyed excellent customer service from the manager, Martin, for whom the mantra ” no problem, leave it with me, I’ll get it sorted” was evidently embedded. The dental team are predominantly offering NHS services to the local community – and on my drive to the location this morning I passed row after row of council houses, all decorated with satellite dishes – so I knew the residents could afford to pay for good quality customer service and clinical care – if they were asked. But they are not being asked to pay – because the dentists are valiantly trying to keep up with their UDA targets. The good news is that the principals have just embarked on a year’s coaching with me and today was my first opportunity to meet with the team. What a fantastic team they were – open-minded, willing to learn, ready for change – and prepared to laugh at my awful jokes. I’ve had a perfect professional day and I’ve loved it.

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