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On there being times when it is better to keep your mouth shut

We can all see the irreversible damage being done as Tory cabinets ministers and backbenchers tear each other and their party apart.

A process largely being conducted by gossiping to the media.

"The Journalist and the Murderer",a 1990 novel by Janet Malcolm was one of the featured books on Radio 4's programme "A Good Read" this week.

The opening paragraph of the book has become famous:

I believe the same could be said about gossip. Either the gossip at Party Conference or the gossip in your dental business today.

Imagine how damaging it can be when:

  • You as a leader are caught complaining about others in disparaging terms;

  • Your clinicians are overheard by your team, making negative comments about team members or patients;

  • Individual team members gossip about their colleagues.

"Careless talk costs lives", the public were advised during World War 2.

Careless talk now can cost elections and jobs.

Bite your lip, count to three, think - and best of all, button it.

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