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on a more positive note..

A delightful conversation with a Scottish Practice Manager this morning, reviewing progress since my last practice visit on 9th February 2010:

  1. all new patients now seen and triaged by the two principals

  2. happy associate attending implant training course

  3. whitening wednesdays has been a roaring success

  4. all whitening appointments delivered by hygiene team under supervision

  5. strong sales of power plus trays at £325 and trays at £150

  6. book-keeper in and ploughing through Sage

  7. monthly financial reports in place

  8. profit & loss

  9. key performance indicators

  10. average daily production versus target

  11. all prices up by 10%

This information shared by the PM whilst the owners are enjoying a long weekend.And to top it all…..

March was a record “best ever” sales month for this practice, which opened in 1987 and relocated in 2006.

I feel very proud to have been a catalyst in this process.

I’m due back on 9th June and looking forward to the next move forward.

We will be discussing how to “super-zone” the diary to improve profits without inconveniencing the patients.

Its a pleasure to be in the company of “winners”.

Clients who think that their dental business has a bigger future, who genuinely appreciate their patients, their team and their business coach.

Fresh air.

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