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Now is the time to pick your winning team

The degree of team and clinician migration across, away from and in to the dental landscape is high.

Many times in the last 6 months we have discussed the issues around people "on or off the bus" and my take is that the passenger selection process is reaching its zenith right now.

Unhappy and anxious team members are quitting their practice and quitting dentistry.

The underperformers and the underminers are getting their marching orders.

Frustrated and disillusioned team members and clinicians from inside dentistry are starting afresh with new employers and practices.

Victims of recession from outside of dentistry are moving in, bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Now is the time to end the toleration of individuals who demonstrate below par performance and behaviour.

There has never been a better time for Principals and Managers to pick the team that is going to take them through the next 5 years.

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