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No jab? No prob. No leaders.

Well you can put away those termination notices and we can all get back to work now.

Passions have been running very high on this subject and I see that continuing as the disgruntled anti-vaxxers and now replaced by the disappointed pro-vaxxers.

Civic duty over civil liberty was never going to be easy.

There are no winners or losers here and it's important to remember that and now get on with patient care.

Irrespective of your views on the subject of vaccination, we have here another example of the Government "following the science" until such time as it suits them to "follow the economics".

Would it be fair to say that "partygate" has left us all in a position where we don't really give a cuss what the senior politicians say as they have demonstrated that they never occupied the moral high ground in the first place?

"Do as I say but don't do as I do" is a very effective way of losing any semblance of authority.

The Prime Minister and his supporters look a little more pathetic every day now, him like a minor Communist leader, hanging on to power long after the support has gone, waving from the balcony of his palace and wondering why the crowds are starting to boo and hiss.

This is an important reminder to you and I this morning that one of our responsibilities in leadership is to be the example of the standards of performance and behaviour that we expect from those around us.

If you are late, everybody can be late.

If you are grumpy, everybody can be grumpy.

If you gossip, everybody can gossip.

If you lie, lies are OK.

And so it goes on.

Leaders stand in a spotlight 24/7/365.

Today be a leader - be the difference.

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