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NHS dentistry "is facing the worst crisis in its history"

It might be as well, this morning, to point out to your team (especially front of house) that when either The Mail or The Express decide to "have a look" at dentistry, there can be some patients who will want to "have a go" at you.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

So just how robust are you answers to the predictable questions:

  • "Are you taking on NHS patients?"

  • "If you can book me in for a private appointment, why can't you see me on the NHS?"

  • "Why can't you see me until the middle of December?"

You know how it is right now - frazzled people, taking out their frustrations on the next person who cannot help them.

Share the article with your team.

If they offer NHS dentistry then show your appreciation for their efforts.

If they don't offer NHS dentistry, remind them how lucky they are.

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