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Needs, Benefits & Features

I want to remind you about something:




  1. Needs - people take action to solve - "a commonly accepted problem that they are experiencing, that is urgent, important and topical?" (p.s. to determine this, ask "how can I help?" and then shut the _______up and listen.)

  2. Benefits - what solution can you deliver? Make yourself the solution.

  3. Features……….the products/techniques/standards/methods that are unique to you and the patient can only enjoy by being a member of YOUR PRACTICE. "You can get a new smile anywhere in town, but you can only get an XYZ Smile© at XYZ Dental."

See my Monday blog - Clear and Present Danger.

First - identify the problem , then become the solution - I’ve been swamped with requests to attend the free webinars I’m proposing - because I’m making myself the solution to the commonly accepted problem.

I'll talk about the features once I've established the problems and the solutions, not beforehand.

Need - making sure your business is profitable and cash flow positive


Benefit - a step by step guide to understanding the numbers.

Features - The Extreme Business Financial Analysis System©


Need - my daughter is getting married and I'm embarrassed to eat in public or have my photo taken.

Benefit - by combining perio treatment, clear aligners and whitening we can give you a confident smile for the wedding.

Feature - our XYZ Smile© is just what you need.

Your turn………

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