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Month #2 of Paleo completed

eggs, chicken, vegetables and text paleo diet

On 1st February 2016 I weighed in at 12 st – always a tipping point for CB where the pain of my self-loathing becomes greater than the pain of doing something about it.

On top of 6 months of various sports injuries I was at a personal low point.

A conversation over the world’s biggest pizza in Vienna with my two daughters was the moment of truth, when we jointly committed to getting our nutritional act in gear at the start of the month.

At the end of month #1 I joyously reported a 10 lb weight loss and the beginnings of feeling much better in and about myself.

Here we are at the end of month #2 – a further 2 lbs of weight loss is neither here nor there (I’m not aiming any lower) but the longer term benefits of feeling good inside and outside are now really kicking in.

All inclusive of my cheat night every Saturday (greatest cheat so far – more pizza) and a continuous supply of red wine, administered in varying doses according to the night of the week and general giddiness.

My running mileage is climbing per outing (up to a regular 10k now) and in frequency.

I’ve decided to get back on my bike on Saturday mornings (dental conferences permitting) and although a broken derailleur incident on the Somec was cold, wet and expensive, the Klein Attitude mountain bike stepped in and I’ve started exploring parts of the Trans-Pennine Trail hitherto unvisited.

I am going to say, here and now, unequivocally, that I’m carrying on with Paleo indefinitely and in spite of the occasional post or email, directing me to some writer proclaiming the dangers of virtually carb-free nutrition.

I feel absolutely great, my clothes all fit, I have more energy, especially in the afternoon (which used to be a dip), I sleep better, I don’t fart as often, my exercise is getting more enjoyable and I’m insufferably positive (80% of the time, of course).

Dare I say I think I’m performing well at work as well?

What’s not to like?

Goodbye pizza, potato, rice, bread, dairy products.

Hello meat, fish, bird, egg, fruit, nuts vegetables.

I’ve never been hungry since 1st February – not once.

Diets suck.

Nutrition rocks.

Tonight is my cheat night 🙂

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