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Monday morning (here we go again)

Having enjoyed a particularly exhausting weekend of travel and partying, it's a real challenge to fire up the engine again on a Monday morning and start the week.

Self-pity and a request for sympathy form no part of that statement as it was my own decision to stay up very late on Saturday night and enjoy the silent disco and free-flowing wine at Phil Loughnane's 50th birthday party.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world, nor the chance to meet up with many old friends from Bridge2Aid and the world of dentistry.

However, it does mean a lot of "catch up" to do today, as my usual pottering about in The Bunker over Saturday and Sunday didn't take place, not the least of which was my routine of updating personal finances and submitting a progress report to my own business coach.

So Monday is going to have to become a dual-purpose session - weekend catch up and then a normal day of reading and responding to weekly reports from coaching clients, together with a few clients calls and a podcast interview early this evening.

I'm hoping to get a training run in at some stage, on the assumption that Storm Ciara may have abated somewhat by the middle of the day.

I had intended this morning's post to be entitled "Times, Seasons and Fitness" and to ruminate about how tough I have found it to re-establish good habits around nutrition and alcohol intake since the start of the year. After Saturday night's excesses I had best leave that subject alone.

Let's just say that I seem to spend my life heading from 11st to 12 st or in the opposite direction - and that I'm due U-Turn fairly soon 😳

So, with a very busy week of travel ahead (4 days on the road from tomorrow), I have today to sort myself out, with a promise to myself that this evening I'll get to bed early.

So, feeling somewhat like a classic car and not a thoroughbred, it's Monday morning - here we go again.

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