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Missing tricks

In conversation with a client this week about their “whitening wednesday” campaign.

They have invested lots of time in publicising the offer:

  1. mail drop to 15,000 local homes

  2. newsletter to 3500 existing patients

  3. signage outside the practice

  4. web site offers

  5. SEO

and the results are coming through, with the hygienist working under supervision and a steady flow of new and existing patients.

All good so far…..


I ask a few simple questions:

  1. are you selling the KEDO (the whitening) when they arrive – “yes Chris”

  2. are you asking them to complete a smile check to make sure they are aware of the other stuff you do? – “no Chris”

  3. are you inviting them to become members of the practice at the conclusion of treatment? – “no Chris”

  4. are you asking them to refer friends and family and offering a reward if they do? – “no Chris”

A classic case of missing the trick – in fact 4 tricks.

  1. sell the KEDO

  2. use the smile check

  3. offer membership

  4. ask for referrals

I wonder how many of you would be in the same boat – missing opportunities right under your nose – even when you have worked so hard to create them?

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