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Messages from dental masters

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. When you qualified from Dental School they didn’t tell you about the stress some of you would face. They didn’t tell you about the high suicide rate. They didn’t warn you about the treadmill, about burnout and about how dealing with Bureaucrats can sometimes feel like bashing your head against a wall. Of course many of you qualified years ago, before the UK became one of the most litigious countries in the world. And all of a sudden you wake up one morning with the stark realisation that the equation has changed. And yet there are many of us who are still loving our dentistry. We treat and employ great people. We love our jobs and we love our lives, and the natural challenges that appear in the path of our lives only make us stronger. So where are you, right now? Do you see the CQC as an excuse to up your game? Or do you see them as an all powerful ogre stalking the realm of the Dental folk? Do you do 5 minute check-ups, or do you spend the time you need to build rapport with your patients. It’s never about the system. It’s how you react and work in the system. It’s never about the situation, it’s how you react to the situation. You might feel you are in a dark place right now, overburdened with regulation, hit financially by the recession, your work suffering from self doubt or delusionment. And what you need to remember is that it’s often in your darkest moments that your true character emerges. There can be no light without the dark, and even the bleakest winter is always followed by summer. Life’s greatest opportunities usually come wrapped up in what seem like impossible situations. Trust me, I know. Of course, sometimes we need a little help. Recently 30 of some of the top names in UK dentistry came together to collaborate in a book called “Messages From Dental masters”. In this book are 30 never before seen articles, ranging from advice to stories of self discovery. They have agreed to share their knowledge on how dentists can improve their working lives. The book contains such well known names as Chris Barrow Ellis Paul Paul Tipton John Renshaw Kevin Lewis Barry Oulton Raj Rattan Sheila Scott Amarjit Gill And many more……. There is another reason for the book of course. 40% of all profits will be split equally between the BDA Benevolant Fund and the Dentist health Support Trust. Want to know more? Visit today Stephen Hudson BDs, MFGDP, DRDP

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