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“Make every second count” - Making More Profit in Less Time with Invisalign and Dental Monitoring

On this month’s podcast we welcome the former owner of Queen's Gate Orthodontics (South Kensington), Dr. Claire Nightingale - now a part of the Dentex family of practices.

We begin by reminiscing that Chris first heard Claire speak at the 2019 BOS annual conference and, thus inspired, he asked for an interview for his own clients in January 2020.

Claire shared her commitment to digital workflow and virtual consultation, little realising that, just a few weeks later, we would be plunged into lockdown and that, on the return to work, her new business practices would accelerate the growth of her business.

  • Best Practice UK, Dentistry Awards, 2020.

  • Most Transformed Practice, UK and Ireland Invisalign Awards, 2022

  • Best Digital Practice, London, Highly Commended, Private Dentistry Awards, 2022

  • Best Principal, London and South East, Private Dentistry Awards, 2022

As well as being inspired by Claire’s enthusiasm and energy, you will learn:

  • Why Claire became an orthodontist;

  • Why it is important to start any business venture with your exit strategy in mind;

  • Top tips for selling your business, both before, during and after the sales process;

  • The massive benefits of digitisation and of Dental Monitoring;

  • How working smarter and not harder creates The Nirvana Graph

  • The Four Pillars of Claire’s success

    • Turning negatives into positives;

    • Being resilient;

    • Offering world class customer care;

    • Building your business through word of mouth.

Claire is a power-house of passion, determination and focus - and if 1% of it rubs off on you, your time will have been well spent.

Listen below or via your favourite podcast player.

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