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Lloyds TSB

I had the real pleasure of addressing an audience of over 50 on Thursday evening at an “Evening with Chris Barrow” organised by Dave Wood-Griffiths and his team at Lloyds TSB. I am going to use this forum to thank Dave for an excellent event – well planned, organised and executed. A few highlights from the evening:

  1. a new member for my second mastermind Group – we shook hands on the deal

  2. 4 or 5 hot leads for coaching

  3. catching up with some old friends who were surprise guests

  4. doing “that thing I do” for a few hours – having a good laugh whilst talking about some serious issues

  5. suggesting that if any mobile rang during the event, the owners would make a charity donation – and then my mobile ringing – the laughter was worth the £50 donated to Pakistan flood relief

  6. meeting up with fellow coach Kevin Rose and hearing all about his exciting plans

  7. chatting to Gary Chapman – back in the market buying practices for Portman Healthcare – and listening carefully to his valuation basis for private practices

All in all – a cracking evening.

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