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Live! At The Showcase

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be “on stand” at The Showcase this year, working with dentist/nurse team Martyn Amsel and Sally Chadwick and introducing live demonstrations of how Martyn delivers quality dentistry from two chairs almost simultaneously. Open your mind and don’t automatically think “can’t be done, not for me”. We are privileged to have been asked by the team at Adec to show this innovative method of working. They are building a surgery and presentation area for us on their stand. Martyn and Sally will show live and in “real time” how it all works from a practical view point – I’ll be discussing the business case and showing examples of the effect it can have on the productivity of your clinicians, as well as how to maintain a high level of customer care. We will be performing regularly right through all three days of the exhibition – so I hope you will make a note to visit us.

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