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Less isn't more

There's a challenging scenario in the associate marketplace at the moment.

Many are leaving the NHS sector altogether - either searching for work in private practice, taking a sabbatical or leaving the profession.

We have seen the official stats on 1,000 who headed for the lifeboats last year - may I suggest that is the thin end of a thicker wedge?

Those who are staying on deck as the OCDO musicians play "Nearer my god to thee" are also creating a dilemma for Practice Owners, by making a simple request that baffles even the most die-hard financial analyst:

"I'd like to earn more for doing less please."

Is it me?

Meanwhile, over here in the private sector......

I grew up in a world that taught me to do more if I wanted to earn more. I don't think that "working smarter not harder" included a pay rise for no reason.

The responsibility of the practice owner is to demonstrate that a hard working and talented associate can increase their earnings by selling more higher value dentistry - and that the practice are prepared to create the environment in which that can happen by investing in marketing, the patient experience, a great team and superb equipment, as well as supporting training & development for the associate.

The responsibility of the associate is to attend the training & development, join in with the practice vision, mission and goals and be "on the bus".

That's a win:win:win for practice, associate and patient.

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