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Learning to say "no".

Last week's efforts left me exhausted by the weekend - and so I made a personal decision to cancel my training routine, stay off the Wattbike, and get some rest.

I said "no" to a long training ride on Saturday.

Tomorrow I'm returning to Scotland, where I'll be delivering a study club evening, a practice visit and two days of workshops - yet another busy week in an equally busy dental landscape.

I've decided to stay over in Edinburgh on Friday night, to avoid the drive home in the dark, preferring a good night's sleep, a decent breakfast at my hotel and then a lovely journey back through the Borders and down the M74/M6 on Saturday morning.

I have said "no" to the Friday night motorways.

Which means that I will not be attending the North of England Dental Show in Manchester next weekend - after 4 nights away from home, I will want to spend some quality time with Annie.

So I'll be saying "no" to the trade show.

Sometimes, what we say "no" to is as important as what we do.

p.s. I said "no" to alcohol in February and really enjoyed it.

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