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Last day on the road

Back at the Forest of Arden for the umpteenth time in the last few weeks – today to present the last DBS workshop of the month, before the travel calms down considerably. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for 10 days now – the laundry bags in the boot of my car are full, the case a little emptier – my briefcase looks like a disaster area with accumulated bits of paper that will be delegated early next week. I feel like a Pony Express rider coming home after a trans-continental ride. Last lap is the presentation today and then a crappy drive from Birmingham to Falmouth at 5.00pm on a Friday night – yuk – at least looking out of my window at blue skies, I can be reassured that the motorway is unlikely to be submerged again. Here are some interesting dental numbers that came out of a workshop conversation this week. 23,000 – the number of dentists in the UK 10,000 – the number of individually owned practices 750 – the number who have BDA Good Practice Accreditation 491 – the number who have acheived Investors in People recognition. The BDA told us on Wednesday that:

There are 2000 BDA Good Practice “packs” out there with practices working towards accreditation. They have a 24 month window to complete this after purchase.

And the reason I share these figures is to impress upon those who have achieved IIP that they are in the top 5% of UK practices – the top 10% if they have the BDA award.

If that were me I would be broadcasting it all over my web site and literature.

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