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Kissing frogs

I’ve been recruiting people (and helping clients to recruit) since 1985.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous psychometric testing systems – DISC, Myers-Briggs, Kolbe et al.

I’ve read hundreds of CV’s (still amazed at how poor some of them are).

Attended dozens of interviews.

Still made the wrong choices – sometimes catastrophically wrong.


The only way you will find out whether someone’s performance and behaviour fits your brand is in the first 12 weeks of their employment (or their contract if they are freelancers, such as associates, hygienists and therapists).

The 12-week rule even applies to your suppliers – your coach, web developer, accountant and so on.

On the supply side, the 12-week rule can apply to your clients as well.

Three months in you will know – and then the courageous decision is to let them go if you have made the wrong choice.

Otherwise you will end up tied in knots (look it up).

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