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January - tick. Next up - February.

Little did I realise on New Year's Day that the first month of the year was going to be such a challenge psychologically.

Dealing with insomnia, overwhelm, isolation (from family) and cabin fever has tested my mettle and I'm so very grateful for my wife, kids, business coach, team, clients and the wider dental community - all of whom have had some part to play over the last 29 days in providing support and encouragement.

As I write this, I'm mindful of the many who are dealing with even bigger challenges.

I don't have to multitask as a working parent or carer, I have no family members who are ill, my "job" is secure and I enjoy above average health - so I genuinely do count my blessings most days and have commented in this blog about the emotional prosperity that I never take for granted.

Reading between the lines from Downing Street, we enter February, knowing that "rinse and repeat" will be the theme.

We all face at least another month of whatever daily routines and challenges we have adopted.

It really has got to the stage that, when my alarm wakes me each weekday morning, I descend to the kitchen, let the dogs out, put the kettle on and make my first cup of Early Grey, then walk down into The Bunker and switch on the tech - all without thinking. A ballet that I can perform blindfold - I'm sure you have an equivalent.

January was miles 17 to 20 in that marathon - many of us "hit the wall" (I certainly did).

February will be miles 20 to 23 - still a long way to go but the worst is over and, somewhere in the distance, we know there is a finish line and the rewards and rest await us.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, manage the pain and absorb every shout of encouragement from the sidelines....

"Come on - keep going - not far to go now - you are nearly there."

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