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Its never too early….

… screw up on customer service. I wake at 3.30am and drive to Newquay Airport to catch the 6:30 to Manchester via Bristol. For once, Air South West make both flights and deliver a passable experience. Arriving in Manchester, I walk over to the Radisson SAS – you know, that hotel where all the staff wear a badge that reads “yes we can!” (a phrase coined long before Obama). I’m working with Practice Plan today, who have booked a private conference room. “Are you the conference organiser?” “No” “Then you will have to wait until the conference organiser arrives.” Thanks for nothing you sour-faced so and so. I’ll stagger upstairs with my 2 bags and try to find somewhere to sit and get a coffee. No, no – it’s OK – please don’t give me any directions, don’t offer me a coffee whilst I’m waiting, don’t crack your face into a smile, don’t even begin to wonder where I came from and at what time, don’t consider the joint conference purchasing power of the two organisations attending the meeting. Please – that would be acknowledging that I pay your wages. “No you can’t.” This girl would be better suited as a lighthouse keeper.

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