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It's OK to just slow down a bit

Yesterday included a scheduled Zoom meeting with my business coach Rachel Turner.

My #1 issue for discussion was that my projected sales figures for June/July/August were £14,000 less than targeted at the start of the year.

One of my proposed solutions was to cancel a week's rest at the end of August and get myself out on the road as a consultant and coach. That's always been my modus operandi - get the target!

Rachel (as she does) waited for me to finish and then shared a phrase heard from one of her other clients:

"We are resting the team in order to build surge capacity for later in the year."

She then suggested that:

  • September to December are traditionally my busiest months of the year;

  • I'll need all the energy I can muster to succeed during those months;

  • Now is the peak time of year for people to socialise and rest;

  • This year is the first time we have been able to do that without factoring Covid into the equation (it's no wonder that music festivals and concerts abound and are sold out);

  • Rather than chase £14,000 in sales now - it would be better to "love your clients into submission" so that you can generate those additional sales in the last quarter.

A final point - come the end of August, she asked, "would you rather spend 5 weekdays days running around the country delivering practice visits, 5 days in The Bunker strategizing on 2023/2024, or another 5 days on your bike getting some exercise and fresh air?"

I think I'll split that between The Bunker and the bike.

Lesson learned - we all need to take a chill pill for the next few months. I consider myself coached.

p.s. note today's Daily Stoic reading

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