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It's not much to ask…

I’m looking for just 100 dentists across the UK. Dentists who can maintain an average daily gross production of £2,000. How? Because they have the clinical confidence and the communication skills. We will supply: 1. the patients 2. the support team 3. the premises 4. the equipment 5. the clinical training and mentoring 6. the business training and mentoring 7. the right products and services 8. the pricing strategy 9. the management 10. the leadership You just have to average £2,000 a day, 4 days a week (you can have a day a week for personal development – and we will assist with that). You will enjoy a generous financial reward and share options. Maintain that for 45 weeks a year and we will build a private dental business with sales of £36 million and a target profit of over £5 million. That business will make a positive difference in the market, provide excellent patient care to over 150,000 individuals, create an environment where team members enjoy coming to work and have a career pathway. I wonder what value that business would have in the open market? I’m looking for 100 dentists in the UK who would enjoy working with us to make that happen.

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