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It's Friday and I'm tired - how are you?

There's a very old maxim that:

"Efficiency is doing things right but effectiveness is doing the right things right"

It gives rise to the "busy fool" syndrome.

After yet another Groundhog Day of reaction to external events and interruptions, it can be easy to collapse into a comfy chair at the end of the day and wonder - what just happened?

I made reference to this in yesterday's blog - "Eat. Sleep, Work, Repeat" and, I have to admit, the sofa collapsing was my own last night, after four long days and three evenings of webinars.

My version of a long day is spent at my desk, either typing, recording or speaking with individuals and groups via Zoom.

Your version of a long day might be in surgery and/or at a desk, donned and/or doffed and not only fulfilling clinical responsibilities but also those of finance, marketing, customer service, operations, compliance and leadership.

Thus it always was for us both - the difference now is that the ground on which we work is constantly shifting as Government and regulators move goalposts on an unpredictable playing field.

I've hardly had any time for "me" this week, not even my usual exercise routine, and I'm going to admit this morning that I'm tired, ready for the day ahead but looking forward to Friday evening and a bit of a wind-down - with the growing sense that some of my Saturday and Sunday will be spent back down here in The Bunker, catching up (for the third consecutive weekend).

Having said that, I don't think I'm a busy fool, nor are the clients I'm working with.

Every morning I am re-prioritising my task list in Todoist and genuinely feel that I'm effective - doing the right things right.

The task list just keeps on filling up - it's relentless.

What do I advise my clients to do when this feeling of overwhelm threatens to paralyse them?

  1. Make a list;

  2. A, B, C the list;

  3. Do the A's first.

Here we go again.

Enjoy your Friday - have a good weekend - and if you are sat in your Bunker doing catch up, ping me a "hello!" and I'll wave back.

It's tough to stay effective - innit?

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