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Interview questions

When interviewing new candidates for a role in your practice, you need to be asking the right questions. Here are some suggestions: Old interview questionsNew interview questions (that you wish you could ask)Can I see your CV and references?Can I see your updated Linkedin profile, connections and recommendations?Can you type?Do you know your way around computers, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and The Cloud? Can you spell and construct grammatically correct sentences?Can you answer the phone?Do you understand customer service in 21st Century dentistry and are you a great telephonist?Do you have a basic understanding of dental procedures?Do you understand what we sell, why people buy what we sell – and why we sell what people want to buy?Are you a team player?Do you understand the difference between a workforce and a team – what does that mean to you?When can you start?Why do you think I should offer you this opportunity?Are you well trained?What plans do you have for your future personal and professional development?

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